The Hackett Stock Report is a quarterly report that focuses on small-cap value investing. The underlying focus of this report is to help educate and inform investors on how to use my fundamental stock selection system to become more effective investors. We want investors to understand what they own, why the own it, and the methodology used to determine what a stock investment might be worth.

Heavy emphasis will be placed in the report on global liquidity factors and their effects on U.S. stock markets. Emphasis will also be placed on sound risk management as it pertains to monetary and emotional factors. Here is what you get in the report:

1) An overview of current global liquidity and stock market behavior
2) Rigorous analysis of a fundamental topic of discussion
3) Review of prior stock recommendations news and performance
4) Investment theme overview when applicable
5) Specific actions to be taken on current holdings when needed
6) New investment recommendations when available
7) You will have the ability to call me to ask questions regarding the information in the
    Hackett Stock Report

The Hackett Stock Report is delivered via e-mail and can also be read by logging in to our website (User ID and Password are required).

The annual subscription to the Hackett Stock Report is $300/year and can be paid by credit card or check. If you would like to subscribe please click here now.

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